RoslynPad Reloaded

Updated Post

A while back I created a small sample that exposed the Roslyn code completion (a.k.a. Intellisense) APIs via Reflection. This was during the CTP days of Roslyn, and I hoped these APIs would become public when Roslyn hits RTM.

Much has changed in Roslyn during these past two years, and I wanted to update the sample. The completion APIs are still internal, but fortunately now Roslyn is an open-source project. I compiled my own version, and exposed both ICompletionService and ISignatureHelpProvider. The latter allows me to display method signatures and overloads. I’ve created a new assembly, Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.EditorFeatures.Minimal in lieu of Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.EditorFeatures that does not depend on Visual Studio’s (proprietary) assemblies.

Download the sources (with the modified Roslyn binaries) from