Presenting PresentationHost

I always prefer simpler solutions. The solution I proposed on my previous post was not that simple, and was not complete. It may still be useful for other stuff, but for the purpose of preserving ClearType while using DWM, I just have to admit it has too many issues.

The idea of using another window stayed in my head, and then I realized I could use a child window. WPF already has a mechanism for hosting Windows Forms and ActiveX controls. They derive from HwndHost,which allows creating a window handle and embedding it within the WPF visual tree.

My control, PresentationHost, does just that. It hosts an HwndSource, which provides the infrastructure of WPF windows. You give the HwndSource a root visual to display, and since it is a separate window within the main window, whose composition background remains opaque, ClearType works just fine. You don’t have to modify anything in the Ribbon. Even routed commands work transparently!

The one downside I can think of is that everything inside the host is not part of the visual tree of the window. I did make sure it’s a part of the logical tree, so there’s a way to get into elements inside the host. XAML name references also work as usual.

Again, to compile/run the sample, you’ll have to obtain the Ribbon assembly separately from the Office UI Licensing site.