Revamped Style Snooper

Update: This utility has become a bit irrelevant since Reflector now has a BAML Viewer add-in. You can use it to view any assembly containing BAML resources, which it will automatically decompile into XAML.

Style Snooper (or StyleSnooper?), originally posted by Lester, is a tool that can extract control styles from a compiled assembly. Quite useful to take a peek at someone else’s work. 🙂

I added a couple of features:

  • Switch to a FlowDocumentScrollViewer to view the style (much handier than a plain old TextBox; just try hitting Ctrl+F.)
  • Primitive syntax-coloring.
  • A bit of glass.
  • And the feature that made me start tinkering with this tool to begin with – load other assemblies.
  • I also fixed the TargetType property to use the proper Type MarkupExtension ({x:Type …}) and removed the IsPublic restriction from the type list.

P.S. If you’re wondering about my wallpaper, it’s “Song of the Sky” from Digital Blasphemy. It used to be in the free gallery, but isn’t anymore. It’s very reminiscent of Vista’s Aurora.

Attachment: StyleSnooper.rar