I’ve decided to replace P# with a great C# SWI-Prolog Interface, written by Uwe Lesta (I changed it a bit. See attachment.) The main reason for this decision was performance. P# was considerably slower, and the project had to meet certain standards.

Unfortunately, the C# interface does not work with .NET 2.0, and I hadn’t the time to investigate it, so I’ve downgraded the application to v1.1. The only real loss was the ToolStrip with the Office 2003 look, but I managed just fine without it.

I submitted the project today. That’s one down — one to go!

You may download my Connect 4 (includes SWI runtime). The source code will be available after the project’s presentation.

Attachment: Swi.cs.txt

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2 Responses to Replacing P#

  1. Muhsin Kaya says:

    Hi. I have a XNA game project. İm using C# 2005 edition and prolog. I tried to connect C# and Prolog but i didnt. Your Connect 4 is bad url. Can u help me. I have to finish this week for univercity project. Can u send me your connecting source. My e-mail busbluetr@hotmail.com. Thank you for all.  

  2. Uwe Leata says:

    You will find a new version of the CSarp interface on

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